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The small group classes at Studio 4 are based on the same functional training philosophy I use in my personal training but modified to work in a fun, group setting. What you can expect is a really good total body workout. If you like to sweat this is for you. If you like to lift weights this is for you. If you like to have a bit of me time...this is for you. Classes start at £5 are booked online


Lifting Weights


This circuit training class will be a blend of high-intensity interval training, circuit training, strength training and functional training. Your workouts will constantly change and keep you challenged but the overriding factor for all your sessions will be FUN! So you can look forward to lots of lifting, jumping, crunching, balancing, battle-roping, abs blasting and fat blasting fitness!

Heavy Weights


Like going for your ultimate gym workout this free weight, full-body strength training session is designed to build and define your body. Set in a circuit, you'll train all the major muscle groups, moving through 8 stations and at each station you'll do two different exercises. Whether you need expert tips to tone up your technique or are just looking to build muscle and get stronger this workout will hit the spot!

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