A powerful full body workout, which improves your core strength and muscular endurance. One of the most popular classes to shred fat and build muscle through a range of kettlebell exercises that hits every major muscle group. 


Enjoy our energetic indoor cycling class that blends high intensity cardio, muscular strength training and rhythm-based choreography, all to a brilliant playlist. Our classes are way more than just the average spin class and are designed to maximise the benefits of group fitness. So whether you’re looking to improve your mood and energy, burn fat, tone muscles or improve your cardio fitness, our Spin classes are designed to give you everything you need.


Step based cardio workout, suitable for all levels, with a wide variety of moves and sequences that keep all abilities progressing. Great music, huge fun, high motivation.


Sculpt.Tone. Define! A mixture of weights, bands and body resistance exercises performed at different tempo variations to burn fat and build lean legs, toned arms and defined abs in this total body workout! Each session will focus on different muscle groups to improve your overall strength, endurance and muscular definition.


Escape the stresses of life. Breathe. Balance. Reset. In your hour of flowing movement and mindfulness you'll focus on improving your physical health and mental well-being. Hatha yoga uses postures, breathing techniques and peaceful meditation with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. So if you’re looking to relax and de-stress our yoga class will allow you to build a yoga practice that will leave you feeling energised, strong and restored - with a sense of calm that only yoga can bring.


The ultimate booty building workout. Learn how to train the glutes effectively to transform your legs and glutes in this timed 45 minute workout. If you want to get stronger in your lifts, prevent injury, improve your sport performance (cyclists and runners), function better in your training or for that all round perfect peach then this class is for you - training glutes is key!


Improve your form and technique, build confidence and strength lifting with a barbell, whilst you sculpt your whole body! Work through each muscle group in sets performed at a variety of tempos to build lean muscle, get stronger and transform your physique. With pumping music and personal instruction to help you get the right technique and form, this class is a must for all lovers of lifting!


SATURDAY CIRC is the ultimate functional training class. The exercises you can do are limitless, never the same week in week out. Working out on 12 different stations you will hit every major muscle group, building strength and shredding body fat using the TRX, kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes, barbells and more!


Total Body Cross Training mixes cardio with strength to work upper, lower and core for the ultimate fitness class. The perfect combination to improve your sport performance for cyclists and runners; to enhance fat burning for weight loss; to improve overall fitness and total body strength


A fusion of yoga and Pilates, this class will help you achieve a strong, healthy body and a calm, centred mind. the Pilates elements are designed to give you a strong core and toned streamlined muscles whilst the yoga bestows flexibility and inner peace. This class will truly help both mind and body! 


Take just two dumbells, add 4 rounds of 8 exercises, using upper and lower body muscles in the same movement and you have RESHAPE. You'll start by doing 50 seconds for each exercise with a 10 second rest and then for each consecutive round you'll do 10 seconds less, finishing on 20 seconds. This Total Body workout is performed slowly but by the end of the session you will feel like you've had a really good workout.  


This is a High Intensity Interval Training session on a spin bike. The use of timings and intensity will create a workout mixing intervals of high intensity with short durations of rest. This class is designed to make your heart stronger, improve fitness levels and ramp up your fat burning so you'll see results sooner.